Hendrika Johanna Mokkelencate Hendrika Johanna Mokkelencate  ‎(I590)‎
Given Names: Hendrika Johanna
Surname: Mokkelencate
Married Name: Hendrika Johanna ter Brake

Gender: FemaleFemale

Birth: 1813 Almelo
Death: Yes
Personal Facts and Details
Birth 1813 Almelo

Marriage Benjamin ter Brake - 12 May 1841 ‎(Age 28)‎ Husband: 27 Wife: 28 Almelo

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Parents Family  (F324)
Hendrik Mokkelencate
Johanna Hagedoorn
Hendrika Johanna Mokkelencate
1813 -

Immediate Family  (F248)
Benjamin ter Brake
1814 - 1871
Gerrit Jan ter Braake
1842 - 1911

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Multimedia Object
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Family with Parents
Hendrik Mokkelencate ‎(I803)‎
Birth Yes
Death Yes
Johanna Hagedoorn ‎(I804)‎
Birth Yes
Death Yes

Marriage: Yes
Hendrika Johanna Mokkelencate ‎(I590)‎
Birth 1813 Almelo
Death Yes
Family with Benjamin ter Brake
Benjamin ter Brake ‎(I596)‎
Birth 1814 Almelo
Occupation Winkelier
Death 30 March 1871 ‎(Age 57)‎ Age: 57 Almelo
-1 year

Hendrika Johanna Mokkelencate ‎(I590)‎
Birth 1813 Almelo
Death Yes

Marriage: 12 May 1841 -- Almelo
1 year
Gerrit Jan ter Braake ‎(I00490)‎
Birth 15 May 1842 28 29 Almelo
Occupation Runde een particuliere kostschool en gaf ook les Zevenaar Oorschot
Death 24 February 1911 ‎(Age 68)‎ Veldwijk ‎(Ermelo)‎ ‎[ge]‎